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JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, PhD. 21.03.2023

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We file a trademark application for you and ensure drawing a SUBSIDY up to 1000 EUR.

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Intellectual property is key to the creation of corporate identity and protection of market position, therefore it is also often the target of attacks by competitors who try to imitate, imitate , confuse, deceive customers or consumers and thus gain an unjustified advantage.

If you are thinking about protecting your corporate identity, company name or logo, or perhaps your company's adver­tising slogan using a trademark or industrial design, then in 2023 it is possible to use an EU subsidy of up to EUR 1000/person/year.

So how much does it cost to register a trademark and how much does it cost to register an industrial design? Trademark price.

The subsidy is provided up to 75% of the basic fees for trademark and industrial design applications throughout the EU and can be used for multiple applications up to the maximum limit of EUR 1000/person/year. You can therefore draw on the subsidy for the registration of a national, European or international trademark or industrial design in all member states of the European Union (EU).

You can apply for a grant in 2023 even if you already applied in 2022. The new grant must be used for other trademarks.

The condition is the seat in the EU and the fulfillment of the EU definition for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), so all the following prerequisites must be met:

What will you need?

What is the procedure?

How much will you save?

How much is a trademark and how much is an industrial design?

Below is a calculation of the savings for the most common trademarks and industrial designs that are subject to subsidies.

Submission of a national Czech trademark application (OZ CZ)

Basic price from: CZK 12,000 without VAT (CZK 14,520 with VAT)
Subsidy/savings CZK 3,750
After subsidy only: CZK 8,250 without VAT (CZK 9,982.50 with VAT)

Submission of a national Slovak trademark application (OZ SK)

Basic price from: 500 EUR without VAT (600 EUR with VAT)
Subsidy/savings 124.50 EUR
After subsidy only: 375.50 EUR without VAT (450.60 EUR with VAT)

Submission of a European trademark application (OZ EU)

Basic price from: €1,450 without VAT (€1,754.50 in­cluding VAT)
Subsidy/saving 638 EUR
After subsidy only: 812 EUR without VAT (982.50 EUR with VAT)

Filing of a European industrial model/design application (PV EU)

Basic price from: 950 EUR without VAT (1,150 EUR with VAT)
Subsidy/savings 262.50 EUR
After subsidy only: 687.50 EUR without VAT (832 EUR with VAT)

The grant is provided by the Ideas Powered for business SME Fund CZ-EN&pk_campaign=Paid-AdWordsSearch&pk_kwd=i­deas%20powered%20for%20­business%20sme%20fun­d, which is a grant program created to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the EU protect their intellectual property rights. This fund is an initiative of the European Commission, implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) /guest/home.

What is good to know

Trademark is any indication of goods or services, which consists mainly of words, color, drawing, letters, numbers or the shape of the product or its packaging or sounds, if it is capable of distinguishing the products or services of one person from the products or services of another person , in other words, if it can be perceived by consumers in connection with products or services (distinctiveness) and if it is able to be expressed in the register of trademarks .oza.frm in a way that enables the competent authorities and the public to clearly and accurately determine the subject of protection granted to the owner of the trademark (ability to be registered in the trademark register).

By entering it into the register, the owner of the trademark acquires the exclusive right to use it. The validity of the trademark is 10 years from the date of filing the trademark application. The validity can always be extended by another 10 years on the basis of an application for the renewal of the trademark submitted within the statutory period.

Industrial design is, simply put, the external treatment (appearance) of the product, consisting mainly of features of lines, contours, colors, shape, structure or materials of the product itself, or its decoration. It is a visually perceptible property of the product, not, for example, its technical or structural essence. A product is an industrially or artisanally produced three-dimensional or surface object. The basic key factors for obtaining protection, or for registration in the register of industrial designs are novelty and individual nature.

The obtained protection ensures the owner the exclusive right to use the industrial design, to prevent third parties from using it without his consent, to grant consent to the use of the industrial design to other persons (license) or to transfer the right to the industrial design to them (e.g. sell it). The protection of a registered industrial design lasts for 5 years from the date of filing of the industrial design application. The owner of the industrial design can repeatedly renew the protection period, each time by 5 years, up to a total period of 25 years.

An industrial design can be registered as a simple or mass. In the case of a collective application, several related industrial designs are registered at the same time. In this way, protection for a group of related industrial designs can be obtained with less administrative and financial burden than when filing individual applications, but the condition must be met that all industrial designs included in the collective application belong to one class of the international classification of industrial designs.

If you are dealing with the systematic protection of corporate intellectual property, we will be happy to help you set up processes and explain what is important to state in company documents.

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