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Loutky v nemocnici

In the Czech Republic, nearly 180,000 children are hospitalized in pediatric wards each year, many of whom are restricted to long-term bed care. Every adult well knows that a hospital stay is a psychologically demanding endeavor – caregivers are usually so overloaded that they have little time to devote to individual patients, and the pain and separation from family is an even greater burden to children. Young patients often become bored and sad; they miss the comfort of their homes, and they experience an ever-growing sense of bitterness associated with their illness and the separation from family to which they are subjected.

The civic association Loutky v nemocnici (Puppets in Hospitals) is devoted to dramatherapy work and the development of activities in the psychosocial care fields. Already in its seventh year, the program works to make child hospital stays a more pleasant experience. With ill children, puppets can bring about more benefit than medication – they know how to conjure smiles, chase away the sadness of not being at home, and help for a moment to forget about pain and suffering. Through theatrical performances, games, and songs, the puppets help children on their path to recovery and attempt to create a space in which to play and discuss life’s realities. Loutky v nemocnici spends varying amounts of time at hospital departments – the puppets are often available throughout the entire day and even occasional week-long programs are prepared. For more information, visit the Loutky v nemocnici website or social networks:

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