About us

The law firm Vozáb & Co. provides legal services to clients on the territory of the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2011.

We are an independent law firm building relations with law offices in other Central and Eastern European countries to ensure our clients a high standard of services spanning as broad an area of this territory as possible.

Thanks to a flexible approach and the ability to keenly perceive our clients’ needs, we can tailor to their specific requirements and maximize the benefit resulting from the cooperation. We tirelessly derive experience from our clients’ practices; this enables us to understand the nature of their business activities and be real and dynamic support for employees and teams, not a burden to internal procedures.

Our company philosophy is very simple.

Provide a high standard of services and establish long-term client relations based on trust and profitable mutual cooperation through a precise and sensitive approach to every individual case.

See the Expertise section for details on the services we provide and references.

You can find complete law firm presentation for download here:

Vozáb & Co. | Complete law firm presentation