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New Electronic Market for Public Sector as of 1. 4. 2012

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Public tenders 03.03.2012

Contractual Penalty in Labour Law

JUDr. Magda Václavíková Labor law 02.03.2012

Factual employment and tax duties

Ing. Jana Kunešová, daňový poradce a auditor Labor law 02.03.2012

Transformation of a Private Clinic into a Liability Limited Company

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Medical issues 28.02.2012

Revision of the rules for domain registration

JUDr. Eva Wierzbicka Mendrok, LL.M. Intellectual property 20.02.2012

Traders with receivables found new way how to get money from debtors

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Business issues 14.02.2012

Law and Business 1|2012

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Newsletter 05.02.2012

Distant agreements and rights of the consumers

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Business issues 30.01.2012

Judgement for minor debts? No chance to appeal

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Business issues 30.01.2012

Labour Law 12|2011

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, Ph.D. Newsletter 04.12.2011