State Aid COVID Rent - Call 2

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, PhD. 26.10.2020

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Our law firm administers applications for state support within the COVID – Rent program for our clients.

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COVID Support Program – Rent prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in response to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. It is intended for entrepreneurs who, due to emergency measures, had to temporarily close outlets for retail activities and the provision of services to customers in these establishments.

Basic data:

Call 2 covers a defined range of operations, crisis sectors affected by the crisis measures, and thus eligible applicants defined. The circle of eligible applicants was set out in the Plan and approved by Government Resolution No. 1037 of 14 October 2020.

Subsequently, in connection with Government Resolution No. 1079 of 21 October 2020, the circle of eligible applicants was extended to include all operations that were closed or restricted. The scope of Call 2 is thus again almost flat, as was the case with the first call. Only establishments that form exceptions contained in a government resolution are excluded from the circle of eligible applicants.

On this basis, Appendix No. 1 to Call 2 (in the annexes below) is therefore published. Appendix No. 1 expands the circle of eligible applicants. No other requirements of Call 2 are not affected by Appendix No. 1.

For the purposes of drawing support under this program, the Lessee and Lessor may not:

What conditions must be met for aid to be granted

What needs to be documented?

All necessary documents and affidavits will be prepared for the applicant in the information system. They are, for example:

Source: MIT Published: 16.10.2020 Author: Department of Export Strategy and Services Management 51400


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