The new Law on Land Registry (Land Act)

JUDr. Jakub Vozáb, PhD. 16.05.2016

Illustration for The new Law on Land Registry (Land Act)

Late last year the government returned for a new cadastral law for revision. Look what you should bring this legislation after the incorporation.

The introduction of a central information system

The new information system should be public and public authorities act as a central source of information about the property and owners. With this system it should be possible to provide information required for legal purposes, such as for purposes of evidence in court proceedings or the conclusion of contracts relating to immovable property. Providing information from the central information system for legal purposes will be charged, in addition to this, however, will continue to be free, finding the data on the portal cadastre.

The cadastre will be published house prices

In the upcoming draft law envisages the introduction of registration of real estate prices. Information on prices at which they will be no transfers of real property will be provided only selected entities, such as the request of the court or bailiff. Public to this data will not be accessed.   Providing data from the land in more places

New Cadastral Act could be extended catalog of the places in which it will be possible to obtain data from the land registry for legal purposes. Data will be able to provide:

In connection with the last of these places we are reminded that one of the groups of data providers from the Property should also be lawyers. They would, together with other certifying entities should Invited to give an extract from the title deed, copies of deeds, copies of cadastral maps or copies of maps designed opera.

New Land Registry Act will reduce fees for electronic submissions

Under the new cadastral law should be a proposal for initiating the transfer of immovable property to a fee of € 70 for a physical filing and the amount of € 35 in case of electronic filing. Express equipment design, ie. equipment within 10 days, will be charged at € 260.

Amendment or rectification of the land

Cadastral Act introduces a new type of procedure for the updating of data in the cadastre. The proceedings may be initiated ornamental authority of its own motion or at the request to correct inaccurate data. Since it will be a kind of simplified procedures, making changes in the registration of the land will not be communicated to the persons concerned.

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